Our Restaurant Specialty Team at Sleeper Sewell is focused on providing coverage and service that allows our clients to focus on what matters most in their business – their bottom line.
Our team provides the following essential coverages to navigate contemporary challenges to our restaurant clients:
• Business Interruption
• Foodborne Illness Liability
• Food & Wine Spoilage
• Tradename Restoration Coverage
• Delivery & Valet Auto Coverage
• Franchisor Liability
• Harassment Liability
• Off Premises Utility Failure
• Customer Discrimination Liability
• Workers’ Compensation
• Crime Insurance
• Liquor Liability

In addition to providing insurance coverage, our team is dedicated to providing or partnering with our clients through the following services:
• Risk Management Training
• OSHA Compliance – Hazardous Materials & Bloodborne Pathogens
• Hiring Process Analysis and Integrity Testing Partnership
• Wage & Hour Claims Prevention Analysis
• Cyber & Privacy Liability
• Sexual Harassment and Customer Discrimination Training
• Manager Employee Safety Training & Food Safety Training
• Upper Management Claims Dashboard Reporting
• Unified Employee Safety and Brand Awareness Training
Whether your restaurant is fine dining, fast food, fast casual, family style, diners, bar/tavern, catering, BYOB establishments or delicatessens, our team is prepared to provide your company with superior solutions that will help protect and enhance your bottom line.