Professional, Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability

Insurance protection and services are needed by professional firms if they want to be prepared for liability exposures, and Sleeper Sewell Insurance is here to identify and manage the unique exposures that are inherent to their respective fields. Sleeper Sewell Insurance understands fiduciary responsibilities and requirements as they pertain to professionals such as law firms, accountants, architects, engineers and financial advisers.

Professional Liability

Utilizing knowledge of Errors and Omissions insurance, ANBTX Insurance will review contracts and will provide recommendations to minimize or eliminate liability exposure by (1) contractually transferring risk away from the client’s business, and (2) leveraging its market clout to negotiate the broadest terms and conditions tailored to clients’ needs.

Directors and Officers Liability

Sleeper Sewell Insurance provides directors and officers with a secure strategy and program that mitigates risk exposures, allowing them to perform their duties without undue fear.

Expertise is offered in every aspect of the management liability process, including:

  • Identifying threats
  • Reviewing litigation trends
  • Providing policy design
  • Negotiating claims management and corporate governance
  • Utilizing the ability to benchmark a company’s management liability program against companies of similar size and exposures

Employment Practices Liability

Managing the financial risks created by the relationships between employee and employer are more complex than ever. Regardless of the size of the company Sleeper Sewell Insurance can help evaluate employment practices liability exposures and determine the right program structure.  In addition, we can establish loss-prevention measures that prevent or minimize employment-related threats.

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